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London Submissive Girls have been providing genuine submissive services tailored to your tastes, needs and desires, for many years.

We cater to Gentlemen seeking longer sessions as well as brief sessions of BDSM play and submissive services including submissive role-play fantasies, personal services, tie and tease, bondage, corporal punishments...

Submissive Services: If you have always wanted to dominate, punish or control a submissive girl, or you are an experienced Master, we can be your naughty schoolgirls, forgetful sexy secretaries, slave girls, slutty maids... We can be cheeky and sassy and most of the time we are naughty girls aiming to become obedient girls...

We are submissive girls who will dress to please, are versatile and enjoy variety of submissive role-play fantasies, but we also take pleasure in age play accompanied with a crisp over the knee spanking, caning or paddling as well as endure tight bondage & restrictive gags.

Corporal Punishments Do you wish to leave your mark with the strap, cane or a whip? ... If you like to see hot, naughty, juice young female bottoms and you enjoy administering bare bottom OTK hand spanking, authentic British caning, genuine American paddling, traditional strapping or no-nonsense Scottish thaws over the bare bottom - we are the London spankees, you just have to see to appreciate.

We at London Submissive Girls offer pleasure and pain at it's best with corporal punishments from mild, plain sexy and playful to firm judicial caning...

Bondage We like to combine creative bondage with variety of S&M equipment and implements, with the beauty and desire to obey.

If you like beautiful bound women, we are sure you will take pleasure with us. We are always full of fresh ideas for light or intense bondage and we truly enjoy all bondage sessions from the most extreme and painful restraints to simple, light bondage or tie and tease.

We love the feeling of the rope on our naked bodies, and sometimes, to restrain us you'll have to use collars, cuffs and leads... and other times, only total bondage would do... anyway, we enjoy erotic tie and tease as well as tight bondage in different positions and we always look forward to using whole slew of kinky toys: ropes, chains, nipple clamps, canes, hot wax, ball gags, leather straps and much more...

Fantasy Role-Plays We are obedient girls who will dress to please and are well versed at a variety of role-play scenarios.

We are cheeky but fun and love to role-play naughty schoolgirls, wayward daughters, lazy secretaries, slutty maids... Our collection of 100's of uniforms can turn every submissive fantasy role-play into submissive real play as we pay exquisite detail to exploring female submission and submissive fantasy role-plays.

While we may look very professional in our uniforms or business suits, suspender stockings, nylon panty-hose and high heels, we are "little" naughtier than your average office worker, nurse or a maid... and we adore no nonsense dominant and confident men who can reduce a cheeky young lady into a sorry, blushing and chastened girl. We enjoy all scenarios and relish correction through role-play.

London Submissive Girls Services

London Submissive Girls services are purely and exclusively for all men who want the ultimate experience in submissive services, corporal punishments, bondage, submissive fantasy role-plays and personal services.

London Submissive Girls on this site are independent girls that are willing to provide submissive and BDSM services, so you can rest assured that the play you desire is also something that the girl is willing to do.

We are friendly, pleasant, polite and above all obedient and submissive and we take every effort to ensure that you are satisfied from the time you first contact us to the time you leave us...

Our photos are genuine and recently taken. We take great care to present ourselves and our services in a great detail and we hope that you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoy making them.

For your enjoyment we are fully equipped with toys, uniforms, implements and a collection of BDSM equipment to properly allow you to restrict, punish or pleasure. Whether you are interested in bondage, spanking, caning, paddling, blindfolding, humiliation or any other service, we have uniforms, toys, implements and equipment to fulfil all fantasies and we will do our best to ensure you fully enjoy it.

We provide light to firm submissive / BDSM service and we all have different limits but we are also a little naughtier than your average submissive girl... Please visit our personal pages to find out more... or follow the link to find out how to contact submissive girls...


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London Submissive Girls... Professional Submissive

Sub Rachel
I have a vivacious personality & very often I need to be controlled, punished & put in my place...

Sub Cherry
I am at my most happy when i am put in my place, which is serving, obeying and accepting strict punishment.

Sub Mimi
I am eager to be taught and try new things by You, Sir, so please be uninhibited...

Sub Kitty
I crave to be dominated and punished, indulge yourself by indulging in me...

Sub Lucy
Flick the cane and build me up. Punish me till I can't take anymore, keep me waiting and wanting...

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