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English Spankee - London Submissive Girls

Submissive Lourdes - Submissive Girl


I am here to serve you Sir, I shall be delighted to please you in any way I can...

Hello Sir, my name is Lourdes, I'm 30, and I'm a fitness model, although I’m happiest on my knees looking up in anticipation. I truly crave that Sir !!!

It genuinely pleases me to please you Sir,.. I’m a true submissive and I'm VERY obedient, I will always do as you command without question, although sometimes I may giggle which quite rightly deserves punishment.

I have a fashion degree and as such I always like to present myself well for you Sir,.. I always wear ultra high heels and very exclusive sexy lingerie, I want Sir to be very pleased with me.
I have new 32DD boobs that I hope will please you Sir, they look very natural and feel really lovely. I have a 25 inch waist, and 35 hips, I'm told that my legs are so long that they go all the way to heaven. I therefore, very respectfully, offer myself to you for a full no holes barred use and inspection.

I love to be restrained Sir,… I respond well to being held in a position unable to resist, I am at your mercy, and I welcome your attention, this may however bring on an uncontrollable orgasm - I'm sorry I just cant help that ! I also understand that this, unless permitted by you Sir, will also be justification punishment.

I enjoy a little pain Sir, I love to be flogged Sir, gently and slowly building up to a hard spanking. The sound of the paddle on my bottom and the warm feeling as you make me so desirous of you Sir – its intoxicating. I have many other clamps and devices that you may use on me Sir – as you wish, I am here for your pleasure - I understand that this is my role in life.

I enjoy being a submissive, it comes naturally, I am open to ideas and have only a few hard limits. My pleasure is to genuinely please you - my Sir.

I'd be delighted to offer you my bare bottom for flogging, paddling and perhaps caning and whipping. I love a gentle flogging where it builds up to a red glow... after you have achieved a sufficient ‘heat’, I'm open to offer you my bottom for spanking paddling etc.

Being restrained by leather straps, belts, rope, handcuffs, stocks to all the way to fully immobilised, is such a turn on for me, I genuinely orgasm from this when stimulated properly – I'm id like Sir should be aware that, as i wouldn't want Sir to get wet unnecessarily.

I have a secret bag full of clamps spreaders, stocks, toys and devices you can use on me. I will bring nipple clamps and collars, as that makes me feel so sexy.

I have a vast number high heel or stiletto shoes, Id be absolutely delighted to wear these for you, If it pleases Sir to admire my shoes and feet.

I have some beautiful latex apparel, it takes a while to prepare for this if requested, so please make sure its a the longer booking. As take pride in pleasing you Sir.

I like nothing more than presenting my self for inspection, I have speculum, and gags and offer myself to you for full inspection.

If Sir desires id be happy to embark on a role play scenario of Sir’s choice…. From naughty little stripper to sexy secretary to glamour model, nurse, school girl uniforms and anything in between

I am available by prior appointment. If you would like to meet me, please call to book at least 24-48 hours in advance.

  • Submissive Lourdes

    Age: 30
    Height: 5'6
    Figure: 32DD - 24 - 35
    Hair: Blonde, long
    Dress Size: 8
    Shoes Size: 6
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    To find out more about my services and to make an appointment, please call:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 11pm

    Telephone: +44 (0)7725 879 382

    I am available
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